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Greetings, Heroes.

Welcome to the website for Whelmed: The Young Justice Files. You will find valuable data contained within these pages that will assist with your viewings of the episodic archives designated as the "Young Justice" files. For your convenience, I have detailed each of the sections within this site so that you have a better understanding of the data that has been unlocked for your eyes only.

Good luck on your mission, Team.

-The Webmaster

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Podcast Feed

The Podcast page will display all of the episodes in descending order. It also features a direct link to our Facebook feed, displaying it in real time. Looking for a particular episode and know about when it was released? Select the icon in the upper right of the podcast feed and you will be able to pull up episodes from a particular month and year.

This area will house the various written articles for anything and everything related to the "Young Justice" series.

This page will detail what this podcast and site is about. Think of this as our mission statement to you. Here you will also find a link to our Patreon page as well as contact information.

The staff profile page features little snippets about the staff of this podcast. Learn some interesting facts about us as well as find out what our hero names are along with our aliases. You will also find our personal contact information on this page, if you wished to connect with us on sites such as Twitter.

Guest profiles can be found on this page. Here you will be able to get more information about each guest along with a photo, options to contact that guest, as well as links to each episode that the guest had appeared on.

The resources page will have links to various data sources such as fan art or this podcast's RSS feed URL. Other resources will be added as discovered.

Here you will be able to contact us directly using a simple form. This will email our team without having to worry about knowing our email address.