Intel Update : Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, team!

Since Rich and Caleb record episodes in advance, these quick Intel Updates will serve to let you all know in real time what's happening and what we're working on. These are much more casual than our regular episodes, so expect a little less editing and a little more joking around.

in this Intel Update, we focus on DC Rebirth. We also touch on Young Justice season 3 and Justice League Action. We also announce that Whelmed is becoming a twice a week podcast!

As a correction to what was recorded, Justice League Action is on the air in the US right now. We just haven't watched it yet. Would anyone care to share their opinion?

Lastly, please check out the DC Comics Squadcast podcast. They can be found here

As always, thanks for listening. We have had a fantastic start to this podcast, and it's all due to your support. We exist because of you and we are increasing our release schedule because of you. There is a lot to look forward to in 2017. Thanks team!