Episode 13 : Revelation

Hello team! Welcome to episode 13! We are discussing the episode Revelation, where for once, the viewers know more than the characters.

You'll hear a few audio glitches int his episode. We're sorry. Rich needs a pop filter and a new mic. Stay tuned for details on that front. You'll also hear Caleb's one good impression, a mini secret origin about Blue Devil, the love of hating on Guy, and a deep discussion about player agency in a tabletop game.

The episode segments are as follows:
Hello Megan - 1:37
Mission Briefing - 2:23
Feeling the Aster - 6:25
Canary Debrief - 23:29
Crashing the Mode - 30:21 to 38:31

This week's fan service is the excellent podcast DC Squadcast. They are a fantastic resource for the current Rebirth story lien and they're a part of a podcast network dedicated to DC.

Thanks for listening!