Episode 10 : Terrors

Hello team! Welcome to the first episode of 2017! Today, we're talking about Terrors, a really awesome quasi-bottle episode that still manages to develop the ever-expanding universe of Young Justice. Be sure to listen for an ironically heated argument about a chilly super villain, another of Rich's amazing accents, and Caleb blowing Rich's mind about Conner.

The segment breakdown is as follows:
Hello Megan - 1:32
Mission Briefing - 4:52
Feel the Aster - 11:27
Canary Debrief - 21:45
Crashing the Mode - 31:11 to 40:44

For Fan Service this week, we recommend the AMV Demons by show favorite gtgrandom. Check it out here. Remember that as usual, AMVs tend to spoil the entire series. Be careful.

Stay tuned next week for a Discussion with new team member Neal!