Episode 18 : Misplaced

Hello team! Welcome to our discussion of Misplaced, an episode that Rich and Caleb love.

Be sure to keep an ear open for a Champion's tangent, Checkov's Helmet, and Rich having all the dad feels.

The episode segments are as follows:
Hello Megan - 1:31
Mission Briefing - 2:39
Feeling the Aster - 8:23
Canary Debrief - 22:22
Crashing the Mode - 26:46 to 35:50

Our Fan Service this week is the Tumblr account nacholumpia, as suggested by @scarlet_catnip. Check out the archives for some great fan art. 

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Stay tuned next week for a whole lot of Wally.

Thanks for listening, and stay whelmed.